Natural gas makes a difference in many ways.

Using high-efficiency natural gas equipment can help lower heating bills, reduce household carbon emissions, and provide dependable energy when you need it.

Your estimated heating costs are:

Equipment type
Current Provider
90% AFUE
Gas Furnace
95% AFUE
Gas Furnace

If you’d like to see how different heating equipment may compare to natural gas options, or how your home affects the results, update your inputs below. And if you’re ready to learn more about upgrading to high-efficiency natural gas equipment, keep scrolling down the page.

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    Energy Type:

    Why does the type of energy matter?

    Energy sources are measured differently. Equipment and efficiency also differ between energy types. Knowing the type of energy being used is important to estimating the potential operating cost.

    Energy Provider:

    Why does my energy provider matter?

    Each provider charges unique rates for their service and product. We use the publicly reported rates of each energy provider to estimate potential operating cost to heat your home. Oil rates change frequently, so you can enter a known cost per gallon price.

    Tell us about your equipment.

    Equipment Type:

    Why does my equipment matter?

    Each piece of equipment heats a home differently. This information helps us estimate how much energy is typically used to heat your home. Learn how we adjust the calculation if you don’t know your equipment type here.

    Age of Equipment:
    40 years
    25 - 40 years
    10 - 25 years
    < 10 years

    Why does the age of my equipment matter?

    Newer equipment is more efficient, so we use this information to estimate how easily your current equipment can your heat home. Based on your input, we will use an estimate of your product's efficiency. If you know the exact efficiency of your equipment, you can adjust it in the next field.


    Please enter correct efficiency or select Equipment type and Age of Equipment!


    Efficiency Unit:

    Why does the efficiency of my equipment matter?

    How effectively an appliance uses its energy source to generate and distribute heat greatly affects the amount of energy is needed to heat your home. Higher efficiency indicates less energy is used to heat your home, which directly impacts estimated operating costs.

    Tell us about your home.

    Please enter the number of square feet!


    Why does home size matter?

    Simply put, the amount of space you need to heat affects the amount of energy required. For this step, please include an estimate of the finished living areas.

    Please enter year when the home was built!


    Why does the age of my home matter?

    Because construction trends change over the years, we can tell more about how good your home is at retaining and absorbing heat just by knowing when it was built.

    Home Type:
    Single Family

    Why does my type of home matter?

    The type of home you have and its construction materials impact how much overall energy it will take to heat it.

    Primary Foundation:
    Finished Basement
    Unfinished Basement

    Why does the type of foundation matter?

    Your foundation can make a difference in your home’s energy consumption and this information helps us better estimate the amount heat that could be lost or retained.

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